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Clear and transparent, obtained from herbs harvested directly. Exceptional variety of aromas, good body and intensity in the mouth. Remarkable cleanliness and softness. SAMBUCA AGRESTE was born from an ancient recipe handed down for generations in the LEARDINI family. Perfect union between past and present. Super-premium product, perfect at the end of a meal, for an aperitif or in cocktails. The production method is a maceration in suspension under vacuum.

Classification: Sambuca
Alcohol content: 40% vol.
Ingredients: Water, alcohol, sugar, infusion of 8 aromatic herbs and spices (star anise, fennel, cardamom, bay berries...) handcrafted with artisanal care
General notes: Leardini Liquori Artigianali does not use artificial flavors or natural flavors, artificial colors or chemical additives.

Awards and Medals
• Gold medal World spirits award 2018
• First-class distillery World spirits award 2018

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