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BarStillery The Micro-distiller

BarStillery The Micro-distiller


LEARDINI ARTISAN LIQUEURS enters the world of mixology and cuisine by offering BARSTILLERY. Barstillery is a countertop or kitchen microdistiller which, through simple and rapid distillation, allows you to obtain infinite nuances of flavors and aromas that will never be found on the market. It is compact, works with a simple electrical socket and finds space anywhere. You can distill any product: a liqueur, a cocktail, or flavor for example a classic vodka with macerated mushrooms and then distill the alcoholate and obtain a mushroom vodka. You can also obtain flavored waters and even more importantly, you don't have to think about "heads" or "tails" because you are redistilling an alcoholate and no alcohol is created.

Capacity: 500ml nominal; 300-350 real (you must leave space in the flask for evaporation!)
Distillation time: a few minutes for the first drops; 20-25 minutes to have the glass graduated to 75 cl
Stove power supply:classic simens socket.
Cooling down: Cold water or crushed ice. Once the hot distillate melts the ice or the water is hot, open the red tap and empty the coil; then add more ice or water.

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