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Bitter aperitif

Bitter aperitif


Classic aperitif of the Italian and world tradition. It contains no chemical additives or artificial colors and is perfect for making the best cocktails or drinking with ice. With a dash of juniper or rhubarb bitter spray, also from LEARDINI ARTISAN LIQUEURS, you reach sublime heights of pleasure and ever-new tastes. Excellent for a simple aperitif or a classy Negroni. Strong red color given by the rose petals, it has a persistent sweet bitter taste on the palate, harmonized perfectly.


Classification: Aperitif
Alcohol content: 25% vol.
Ingredients:Water, alcohol, sugar, infusion of 11 aromatic herbs and spices (rose petals, hibiscus, gentian, rhubarb...) handcrafted with artisanal care.
General notes: Leardini Liquori Artigianali does not use artificial flavors or natural flavors, artificial colors or chemical additives

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