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Against Colds

The flu is annoying and all you have to do is stay warm and wait for it to pass, pamper yourself a little and take as few medicines as possible. But there are some symptoms like runny nose, swollen eyelids, headache, sore jaw, photosensitive eyes, sore throat that you can combat with natural remedies. While waiting for the doctor, you can immediately take measures that will be useful to alleviate the symptoms and speed up recovery.

You will need some garlic, honey, fenugreek, fresh ginger, hot peppers and chicken.

Garlic. Use it in abundance as it tends to counteract the congestion caused by mucus which affects the entire respiratory system. It contains a sulphur-containing active ingredient, allicin, which has antibacterial activity, thanks to which it exhibits antiseptic and antibiotic activity. It also seems that constant use during the winter helps prevent colds and shortens their duration.

Ginger. With its anti-inflammatory activity it reduces nasal congestion and in general the pain so common in flu. Prepare a ginger tea by boiling a cup of water, adding 1 tablespoon of grated fresh ginger, leaving on a very low heat for 10 minutes, filter and add a teaspoon of honey. Take 3-4 cups a day. In the absence of fresh ginger, use powdered ginger.

Fenugreek. It is an old decongestant remedy. Place a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a cup of boiling water and leave to infuse for 15 minutes. Then, filter and drink. 3-4 cups a day are ideal.

Chicken broth. Free-range chicken broth is an extraordinary remedy for colds. Breathing the steam from a steaming bowl helps to decongest the respiratory tract. If you then add hot peppers, which are also rich in vitamin A, the benefits will be even greater.

Other spices. Add black pepper, chili pepper and horseradish to your dishes. Your nose will start to run and this will help reduce congestion. In case of ulcer or gastritis, use it very limitedly!

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