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Bitter Rio Bravo

Bitter Rio Bravo


Bitter specifically for ice cream, desserts and drinks. Three flavors and tastes that together form a perfect harmony. Dark color with vermilion red reflections, with the aroma and flavor of coffee at the highest level and aniciate and pungent notes. On the palate the presence of star anise is confirmed, enhanced by hints of Pepe Cubebe which amplify the scene. Cardamom is a discreet but effective presence. Once you try it, you'll never go back.



Classification: Flavoring spray, Bitter
Alcohol content:60% vol. 

Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Coffee, Cardamom, Anise and Cubebe Pepper handcrafted with artisanal care. 

General notes: Leardini Liquori Artigianali does not use artificial flavors or natural flavors, artificial colors or chemical additives

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