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Bitter America

Bitter America


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Bitter America is made up of 5 botanicals that form a perfect combination of spicy and pungent. Perfect combination on meat and dishes or cocktails that must be fragrant on the smell but pungent on the palate. The color of ancient gold is concentrated in this complex bitter. The strong and pungent aroma refers to cloves and allspice which flood the sense of smell and then leave room for the palate to enjoy the intense flavor of tropical countries.



Classification: Flavoring spray, Bitter
Alcohol content: 60% vol.
Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Hops, Ginger, Allspice, Cloves and Cardamom handcrafted with artisanal care.
General notes: Leardini Liquori Artigianali does not use artificial flavors or natural flavors, artificial colors or chemical additives

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